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by Marjan Kluepfel

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Inspiration for my underwater (fantasy) landscape quilts comes from many scuba diving trips, mainly on reefs around the Hawaiian islands and off the east and west coasts of Australia.

coral 1
Coral 1

coral 2
Coral 2

These two quilts depict the effect of global warming on the coral reefs around the world.  As the oceans absorb increasing amounts of carbon dioxide, they become more acidic and marine life begins to die off.  As coral reefs die, their colors fade. The quilt on the left depicts how coral reefs used to be: full of color and life. The quilt on the right shows the current appearance of many coral reefs: bleached out colors. The lighter colored reef quilt is still available for purchase at MarjansFabricArt.

This hanging consists of 9 separate panels that can be hung in different configurations. You can feel the motion of the koi as those in Marjan's backyard.

seascape 2

Teaming with Life Under the Sea
Includes many species of fish, varieties of coral and voluminous plant life. Some of the kelp and coral are highly dimensional with creatively used materials. This quilt is 52" wide by 28" high.
In private collection, Davis, CA.


Aquarium Triptych
60" x 58"
Available for purchase.

Seascape I
32" x 50"
Private Collection, Raleigh, NC

Seascape II
30" x 36"
Pattern available

Lion Fish
30" x 40"
In private collection.

36" x 25"
In private collection/


31" x 24"
Collection of the artist

Sailboats - Reflection
25" x 34"
Private Collection, Davis, CA

Galleries: Flowers | Landscapes | Sculpture | SEASCAPES | Trees | Purchase


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Marjan Kluepfel is located in Davis, California, USA.

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